The Journey Begins

Welcome to Janayas Journey Blog.


I will be using this blog for multiple purposes… Sharing memories, communicating information, explaining what’s going on and for overall ease of keeping everyone in the loop and involved.

This will also partly be my sanity… My release, my safe space, my haven…

My name is Amanda, and I am Janayas mother. We are 24 and 8 years old from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I found out when I was 15 years old that I was going to be a mother, and I was scared; ‘Teen Mom’ isn’t a term people use lightly… The stares, the whispers, the judgement… What if I wasn’t good enough? What if I can’t give her the life she deserves? What if something happens?

Any fear I held on to was squashed when I looked into this little girls sleepy eyes and her quivering lip on November 17th, 2009, even if it was for just a moment… Seeing her tremble instantly ignited a burning desire to protect and cherish this beautiful angel, but little did I know that she was to be protecting and cherishing me through her strength and pure soul… Her story has been a heavy one; filled with scares, diagnoses, and overcoming the odds but she is never scared. She is brave, smart, funny, silly, beautiful, talented and unapologetically her. I know all parents believe their kids are special and one of a kind, however Janaya is truly unique… She brightens the lives of anyone she comes into contact with, even if it is just a moment at the checkout of a store. Her happiness is infectious and she truly knows no bounds. I hope you all see just how truly extraordinary she is, just as I have over the years.

This post is more of an introduction easing you all into our story which will be shared as we go along.

I will be linking Janaya’s YouTube videos to this site, as well as social media information, GoFundMe access and other options to donate for those without a credit card.

The posts are displayed in order from the date released so not to read the story backwards. Please ignore the date stated.

If you have ideas for posts, questions, or kind words you can email us or reach out through social media; as we go through treatments, the brain fog will appreciate some ideas and feedback.

Thank you for following along with us on Janayas Journey, I hope this blog can be for you whatever you need it to be and here’s hoping for the best possible outcome.


** Date the post was written was changed to allow posts to show in order **

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


One thought on “The Journey Begins

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  1. I moved to Beaumont in 1979.
    Now live in Windsor Ont. As of the past 3 years. I am do Proud of you being so Brave and doing what a Mom and family do to make Janayas so special through this difficult time. My Prayers are with all of you.
    Also I am so Proud of OUR TOWN BEAUMONT as it was and always will be my Town that I raised my Children. Being on many Boards and enjoying the Wonderful support,caring of people throughout the years.
    My worst fear was to see the yoen grow and that special part of Community be gone. NOT SO
    BEAUMONT YOU ROCK. To do an early Christmas Light Show for a special girl. I cant imagine the thrill of Sunday. As well as Keeping Beaumontions so Proud.
    Love and Prayers to all of you


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