Just The Beginning

I always promised Janaya I would show her the world. Cancer tried to throw a wrench in that plan, but I don’t ever break a promise to my baby girl.

The decision to take a trip after Janaya finished radiation was spur of the moment. One minute we were connected with a wonderful travel agent, the next we were 13 days away from a flight leaving to Montego Bay, Jamaica for Janaya to relax, drink endless virgin piña coladas and recoup from 6 weeks of aggressive radiation and steroids.

She was tired, swollen and really not feeling herself at this point. She endured so much swelling from the steroid, Dexamethasone, that she couldn’t recognize herself, didn’t want to see friends or family and wouldn’t even want her picture taken. This was a complete 180 from the lively, youtube filming star she was just a handful of weeks ago. We were desperate to see her spark again, and hopefully this trip is just what she needed!


Leading up to the trip, Janaya spent most of her time reading and playing color by number games on her tablet. It hurt to move, her ankles couldn’t support her new weight.. she didn’t even want me around. We had started weening off her steroids March 26 however the effects could take months to dissipate. For a full breakdown of that scenario, read Radiation, Steroids and Side Effects, Oh My… – Jul/1/18.

 Going from the chilly early spring air of Western Canada to the sunny, humid beaches of Jamaica called for shorts, tank tops and bathing suits. This posed a problem with Janaya gaining all the weight she had as nothing fit her delicate, over stretched body anymore… So shopping it was. We tried going to the mall and picking out a few things, in the end though shopping was hard, she was just so tired and sore…

What would we ever do without the amazing people in our lives?

One amazing woman, an old friend of mine, who worked at Old Navy reached out and wanted to help! She had Janaya go to Old Navy’s website from the comfort of our bed and pick out whatever she liked, sent a screenshot to her and that was it. A few days later, she drops off a bag of clothes at our home! We were rendered speechless, consumed with gratitude for the amazing people out there in the world who go out of their way to make our babies life easier. You know who you are love… We are endlessly grateful.


March 26 was the day. The end of radiation and the beginning of tackling the grand bucket list Janaya had created. From beaches to fossil digging, we were determined and this was the kick off party of it all. A day by day recap of radiation can be watched here!

The radiation techs decorated for Janaya and got her some presents!
She rang the Victory Bell!!!

The next few days were all relaxation, painted toes and packing as we awaited the first trip we would embark on.

See you soon Jamaica!










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