The Show Does Go On

"I want to be world famous! And sing on stage in New York!" Janaya was always a star. She lit up the room, livened any gathering and always had everyone cracking up with her jokes. It was only natural for her to want to showcase that on a grand scale! On the bucket list it... Continue Reading →

Between Big Moments | Apr ’18

It was that awkward period of the year where spring was starting to peak through the seams but the dryness of winter still had a firm grasp on the thermometer. The snow made it hard to go for walks with the wheelchair and our bodies were still acclimated to the +30C humid air of Jamaica... Continue Reading →

Jamaica | April 2-9 ’18

Arriving at the airport, we were eager and ready for some down time. The past couple months has been exhausting to say the least and it was time to relax and watch Janaya unwind. The flight was uneventful, smooth and the view upon arrival was magnificent! The crystal clear blue waters could be seen from... Continue Reading →

Just The Beginning

I always promised Janaya I would show her the world. Cancer tried to throw a wrench in that plan, but I don't ever break a promise to my baby girl. The decision to take a trip after Janaya finished radiation was spur of the moment. One minute we were connected with a wonderful travel agent,... Continue Reading →

Continuing The Journey

Hello everyone. I know the site has been dormant for some time, I decided to focus on the Facebook blog and keeping my attentions on Janaya.  For those who don't follow Facebook or Instagram, it is with great sadness I announce that Janaya passed from her illness on July 20, 2019 at 5 am. She... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

Welcome to Janayas Journey Blog. I will be using this blog for multiple purposes... Sharing memories, communicating information, explaining what's going on and for overall ease of keeping everyone in the loop and involved. This will also partly be my sanity... My release, my safe space, my haven... My name is Amanda, and I am... Continue Reading →

It Was Only A Headache…

That's it. No other symptoms to prepare us for what was to come next. Nothing to cushion the blow the doctor was about to inflict upon my entire being. As mentioned, I had her when I was 16... She is all I know. Every decision, every life choice, every breath I have ever taken has... Continue Reading →

The Diagnosis

We got back to the hospital around 9:30 am where they made quick work of getting us into a room and sending the request for an MRI. It didn't take long for a doctor to come into the room, and it was this moment that started my brain on a journey of thought I couldn't... Continue Reading →

The Hard Truth About DIPG

Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. Sitting there in the emergency room staring at a large tumor growing out of my daughters brain stem, my thoughts go just as any mothers thought process would automatically go to... treatment options. What can we do? How can we make it go away? How can we save her life? The... Continue Reading →

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