May 20, 2019 update

I will be beginning to post on here again to catch you up on the events of the year.   Please bare with me as I get this done 🙂   Thank you all for your patience!

The Journey Begins – Feb.8/18

Welcome to Janayas Journey Blog.     I will be using this blog for multiple purposes... Sharing memories, communicating information, explaining what's going on and for overall ease of keeping everyone in the loop and involved. This will also partly be my sanity... My release, my safe space, my haven... My name is Amanda, and I... Continue Reading →

Repression – May.10/18

I have been trying to stay chronological with my posts, however I have formed a sort of writers block as of late.. And by that I mean nearly two months now. My thoughts seem to always reroute itself back to one thought.. The truth I can't escape from. So here it goes.. A glimpse into... Continue Reading →

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