The Show Does Go On

"I want to be world famous! And sing on stage in New York!" Janaya was always a star. She lit up the room, livened any gathering and always had everyone cracking up with her jokes. It was only natural for her to want to showcase that on a grand scale! On the bucket list it... Continue Reading →

Between Big Moments | Apr ’18

It was that awkward period of the year where spring was starting to peak through the seams but the dryness of winter still had a firm grasp on the thermometer. The snow made it hard to go for walks with the wheelchair and our bodies were still acclimated to the +30C humid air of Jamaica... Continue Reading →

Just The Beginning

I always promised Janaya I would show her the world. Cancer tried to throw a wrench in that plan, but I don't ever break a promise to my baby girl. The decision to take a trip after Janaya finished radiation was spur of the moment. One minute we were connected with a wonderful travel agent,... Continue Reading →

The After Math Pt.2

Driving up the driveway, walking up the steps to the front door... It all felt like an out of body experience. My chest felt tight, my legs were wobbly and my feet felt like they were weighed down by cement blocks. Jay put his key in the lock and opened the door, we walked in...... Continue Reading →


I have been trying to stay chronological with my posts, however I have formed a sort of writers block as of late.. And by that I mean nearly two months now. My thoughts seem to always reroute itself back to one thought.. The truth I can't escape from. So here it goes.. A glimpse into... Continue Reading →

The Decision

Take the chance and proceed without radiation and steroids with a laundry list of side effects or proceed with radiation knowing there is a great likelihood of buying her more time. This is the hardest, fastest, most self-conflict-inducing decision I have ever had to make. This was my thought process: Some parents have decided to... Continue Reading →

Radiation, Steroids and Side Effects, Oh My…

Dexamethasone started in the evening of February 2nd at a 2mg dose 3x daily, removing the need for Janaya’s Cortef steroid for the time being. One milligram of Dexamethasone is equal to ~50mg of Cortef, therefore Janaya went from 7mg to 300mg comparably overnight. Basically, she felt like she was having a semi-permanent sugar crash... Continue Reading →

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