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Here are ways you can support Janaya and her family with living expenses as well as allowing Janaya to participate in the ONC201 trial that could save her life! ONC201 in Miami is a very promising trial that has helped several children get their life back.

Current TOTAL money raised for ONC201: $27,970/$146,715 as of May 20 @ 1pm

Here are ways you can support Janaya getting to Miami for ONC201 treatment!

1. SHARE!! If you have already donated or do not have the means, sharing helps more than you will ever know as it will reach to new audiences which is our goal!

2. Foxy Gems by Janaya / T-shirts & Hoodies
Purchase one of our amazing products from
We have Janaya’s custom made perfume and 2 matte liquid lipsticks, hoodies, t-shirts, decals and more! Discount options available.

3. GoFundMe

4. Facebook Fundraiser

5. Direct E-Transfer (auto deposit enabled, no security question required)

6. Set up a bottle drive wherever you are and donate funds to one of the above 3 options
-Contact your local bottle depot to ask permission to set up a bottle drive. Build an ad. Send out to your community! You can also go door to door. Simply copy the blurb under the Facebook fundraiser or GoFundMe info tab, this way you can let people know what they are donating to!

Some of you have asked if you can send gifts, and I see no problem with it. More unboxing videos for Janaya’s YouTube channel! Packages can be hand dropped off or mailed to:

Our Home – Beaumont

C/O Janaya Chekowski-Mckenzie 5109 56st, Beaumont, AB, Canada T4X 1E2


My Grandma’s Attic – Edmonton North

C/O Janaya Chekowski-Mckenzie 12754 Fort Rd NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada T5A 1A6


When Pigs Fly – Edmonton South

C/O Janaya Chekowski-Mckenzie 10470 82 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada T6E 2A2

Even watching, subscribing, commenting, liking and sharing Janaya’s YouTube videos brings her an immense amount of joy, and is just as appreciated as any physical donations.

Myself, Janaya, and our entire family thank you all for all your support and love through this difficult time. Keep sending the love ❤



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